Monday, August 3, 2015


Hey there Campers;

We got up Sabbath morning and drove to Bill & Drinda Jacobson house in Joshua, TX. Bill is my special friend  Mary Jacobson's son. It was so good to see Mary. She just moved to TX from Cally. She looks so well. We all got in Drinda's car and drove to church in Keene.

We had a wonderful dinner that we all had a part in making. Bill had me making tahini sauce for the falafels he made. Drinda made a corn casserole that was delicious. Their daughter Robin and son Ryan and his wife Jen, daughter Tarrin & baby Cade rounded out the group.

We were able to sit around and all chat together and have a good time. Bill and Drinda were great hosts. We talked about some of everything. Cade loves to play his granddad Bill's beard.



Tarrin, Mary's Great Granddaughter was so proud of the dress that she bought herself from her birthday money. She decided to model it for us.

Bill and his dog Lucy.

On Sunday morning I got and saw a little line of water on the floor. I immediately opened the fridge to see what was leaking. I could see nothing. So I thought maybe Lo had dropped and ice cube last night. So I went back to bed. Latter when he go up, he notice water on the floor also.  So he started to opened the fridge like I did to make sure nothing was leaking. Nothing in the fridge. He went outside took panels off and finally found the drips but not the leak. We think it maybe from the ice maker. So we shut it off and started our day.

We ventured out to one of the biggest flea markets in TX. It was Trader Village in Grande Prairie.  It is bigger that the San Jose Flea Market.

We saw items that we thought Janell R could use on our Pathfinder camping trips. We saw hats, boots of all kinds, colors etc. The one shop had very nice horse gear. We thought about our brother Rex would love this shop.

I went to buy my granddaughters cowgirl boots. Lo saw these cowboy shoes and told me that this looked like our friend Crazy Jim would wear. You go cowboy!

Here is a true Texas chair. Everything is biggggg in TX.

It is so hot that I had to walk with an umbrella. Most of ya'll might not know but I am one of unfortunate ones who do not sweat. So I have to take extra precautions to stay cool. Heat stroke is a real possibility. Yes my sister Rita I was drinking water. I know you and Lo would get on me if I did not.

After 2 hours of walking we had had enough and decided to go so our special friend Mary Jacobson in her new home. She lives in a really nice place. It is called Heritage Place. She just moved in on Wednesday and is getting adjusted to it. How do you take 50 years of living in your own home down to a 1 bedroom apartment? All of us need to start looking through our closets. Mary is always the stylish woman no matter where she is. We sat and chat with her for a couple hours. She is always full of wisdom.




We called up the family and met at the Olive Garden for dinner. After having fun at dinner we took Mary home and headed back to the Hilton. Back at Drinda & Bills we discussed RVing  and then called it a night.

What a great weekend.

Well, until next time Campers


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  1. Mary is going to rock it, no matter where she lives - she is a survivor and flexible and still stylish and sassy on top of it, so I know she'll be fine. And that little apartment is really cute. I'm glad you guys got to hang out.

    ...though I have an ominous feeling about the drips from the freezer/fridge/thingy...