Friday, August 7, 2015


Hey there Campers:                                 

We have spent the last 2 days just moseying on down the road. After we left the Waco area we chose to take the back roads of Hwy 84. It was farms, farms and more farms. We were laughing because we were trying to figure out if the locals call their hills mountains or hills. Yeah. We were bored. Last night we were in Abilene, TX. The only thing I could remember about Abilene is that it was part of the cattle drives from the old west days. Surprisingly,  it is a decent size city.

When we got to Lubbock, TX, Lo & I got into a little tiff because he told me Hwy 84 would take us to Amarillo, TX. Well it didn't and I told him it didn't. OK I read maps very well. Then he said "well you said you wanted to go to Amarillo for that car thing". I responded "what has that got to do with Hwy 84." In the last 42 years I have learn that sometimes ya just gotta shut up and give him the eye. Since I was driving I just told him it was his turn to drive. We left Hwy 84 and took I-27 to Amarillo
Outside of Amarillo is Cadillac Ranch. We have past this area almost every time we have gone east. But we have never stopped. I was determined to stop and check out the sites. It is a very interesting place. Not many places encourage you to come with your own paint to develope your own art. Even if you don't have paint others will gladly share theirs. I found my initials so no reason for me to paint. Some of the words were crazy. As usual, you were suppose to paint the cars not the plants. I tell ya. Some people you just can't take them anywhere.

Just as we got back on the road, we saw a truck that had some issues. We thought it was on fire but Lo said it looked like it lost it's turbo thingamyjig. At least that is how I interpreted it. So it you were waiting on that FedEx delivery....


We travel on to Tucumcari, NM. to the Flying J for the night. Does the city sound familiar. Yep we stopped here on our way out. 

Slide backgroundToday we traveled on to Albuquerque, NM. We will be here for several days. You know how you been to a city and never see it when you are working? Well this is our chance to really get to see the town. We are staying at the Isleta Indian Casino. Now ya'll know I am to cheap to gamble. But free is free for the Hilton.

I know there is a Costco here. I just had to go there and get my Costco fix. It has been almost a month and I have not been to a Costco. Sorry, while I like Sam's Club it just doesn't do it for me. Almost every Costco is laid out the same and I know how to get my daily steps in. Trust when I say it is not about the money spent. (I only spent $17.00). It just feels like home.

As we open the Sabbath day we look across the plains and know God has blessed us with His presence and nature.

Happy Sabbath.

Question of the Day:

Who started Cadillac Ranch and what did they call themselves?  

Bonus Question:

Who was their silent partner?

Well, until next time Campers

Lo & Bren

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  1. You guys are like watching an episode of Backroads America, or whatever that TV show was called, about all the weird little things you find on backroads or whatever. (Or, maybe the show was about roadside food...? Anyway...)

    Leave it to the hippies to have started this, of course - S.F. artists who called themselves the Ant Farm were into public art forty years or so ago; their billionaire buddy was some dude called Stanley Marsh III who had a field they could use... and the rest is graffiti history, apparently.