Sunday, August 9, 2015


 Hey there Campers:  

It is nice to awake to a cool breeze. If it is Sunday it must be flea market day. Albuquerque has an open market flea market at the state fairgrounds. It is not as big as the TX one but it is ok.

Lo looked at the peppers to see if they were hot. According to the vendor these are medium. They had some that were so how they had to use plastic gloves to just put them in your bag. Glen these would have brought tears to your eyes.

Jim R. These have long tips just like you like them. he,he,he.

We got a chance to tour the University of New Mexico. There mascot is the Lobo or wolf.

They have kept the southwestern theme as their design.


This sculpture and gazebo was donated by the Government of Mexico to the university on its Centennial.

They have a children's hospital and a university hospital that meets the area needs. They have a really nice Ronald McDonald House. Which is important to many families.

The university also has a nice golf course. Seems like they have everything to meet the students needs.

The Indian Hospital and Health Center was located on the end of the campus. As I was taking the picture the security guard came to ask why I was taking pictures. I explain we were touring the UNM campus. He let me know this was Indian territory. OK then. There was no real fence or anything separating the campus. How were we to know??

The campus was located on the top of the bluff. It has a beautiful view of the plains.

We decided to take a drive to see if you can get to I-40 from where we are staying. You know those Brandy's always blazing those trails. Once we found the route we returned on Route 66 to get the Hilton.


As we were traveling we saw beautiful cloud formations. OK I am hooked on clouds Most of the time our clouds are not this white. Must be the smog.

We decided to stay at the Route 66 Casino for the night because I read  in the visitor's guide that there was a Classic Car Show there.

These were amazing cars. You can tell the people put a lot of time, effort and money into getting these cars to look top notch.

This car brings back memories. My brother had one very similar to this back in the day. I remember in 1974, my brother's car was stored at our home. It was during the gas rationing time. (Some of ya'll maybe to young to remember this. It was a time when you could only get gas on a certain day based on your license plate #.  We would pull his car out and fill it up so we always would have gas. Yep. Those were the days.

The show also had fancy bikes.

This car is the closes one to Lo's car he is restoring.

This was hecka funny. Ford owners were beware!!

This is a 55 Chevy like my dad's. He still has it in the garage.

Rita they even had Fred's brother here.

After the car show we went to the casino to the buffet. Just like Tulsa we needed a players card to get a discount on the meal. You know me. I am not going to gamble my funds. I got that card and they put $5 of their money on it. We played a slot game. I won $5. Oh yeah! I collected my money and headed to the Hilton for the night.  By the way their buffet was really great. Will definitely come again.

Question of the Day:

Name one of the 3 stars who starred in the TV version of Route 66?  

Bonus Question:

What type of car were they driving?

Well, until next time Campers

Lo & Bren

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  1. Huh - never heard of this show. However, Google tells me that Glen Corbett, Martin Milner and George Maharis were in the show and they drove a Chevy Corvette. I'm going to have to track this one down - how interesting that it is supposed to have been based on Kerouac's On The Road!