Thursday, June 13, 2013

Oklahoma where the wind goes swapping down the Plains

Hey Campers,

We are on our way again. This year we are on the east coast. It has been fun to see the countryside again. Talk about hotttttt! We stayed in Laughlin, NV at our favorite hotel. (Walmart) it was 105°. You almost had to be naked to survive. (Hard to be naked with your kids in the RV. He he.) The next day we continued on to Arizona and New Mexico. Stayed the night in lovely Tucomcari, NM. The wind was blowing so hard it was really shaking the RV. I wasn't sure if we were getting ready to have a tornado. Not to worry. Just high winds. We continued on to Oklahoma City to our family's home. It was good to see Nick, Sarah, Luke & Eli Shepherd. It has been a 1 1/2 year since we last saw them.

We were taken on a tour of OK City.

We went to the Brickyard where the Texas Rangers minor leagues plays.

We cruised down the River Walk.

We next went by the Toby Keith Resturant. My Yaya sister Mary Ann would have a great time here.

We stopped and had lunch at the Wedge. Ok it was a pizza place. You know me and pizza. I had a great cesar salad and some of my Lani Girl's cheese off her pizza. Ok that was a stretch for me. Every little step counts!!!

Our next stop was the OK Bombing site. It was very humbling to be there to see the black building with the line of chairs of every person who died that faithful day. Wake up America. We need to value each other.

Next stop was to where Nick works at U of OK. He is really loves being an oncology nurse.

We completed our tour at the Capitol.

Rex, Norma & Patrick Shepherd finally arrived from the big moved from Cally to OK. It is good to see them.
See you on our next journey.
Lo and Bren

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