Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mickey's House

Hey Campers,

June 16 -  We just spent a lovey day at Mickey's house. Lani Girl was so excited that she was almost jumping out of her skin. She kept letting us know that this was her long awaited day and she was H-A-P-PY! When she saw the Disney World sign she started to scream.

We started at Epcot. It is one of the most recognized icons in  the world.

Now everyone knows how much I love my grand kids. But I must really love them to stand in line in 100+ degree heat + humidity to get 2 rats, sorry I meant, 2 Chipmunks signature. Chip & Dale were the first characters we saw. Lani Girl was overjoyed. What could a Grammy do but wait in line?? There is one problem. I don't sweat. I thought I would have a heat stroke. Where oh where is my sister Rita to pour water down my back in time of need.

 Epcot has the coolest thing. They call it the Character Spot. It is a special pavilion that is air conditioned that you can see Character like Mickey,Minnie & Pluto there and get their signature and pictures. I guess the 2 rats, sorry I meant Chipmunks didn't make the grade since they were in the heat.

We found Nemo and his friends. Now, I wonder who his dentist is. Isaac or
Debbie Chin. Hmmmm.

Elly Girl had the best ride of all of us. She did not have to walk or be worried about the heat.

Lani Girl and I have started a little tradition. When we are together we like to remember it with a pressed coin. This is something she will be able to share with her family about times with the grandparents.

We decided to hop over to the Magic Kingdom to see what was happening over there. As you can see Elly Girl is getting that free ride again. You go Elly Girl. Take advantage while you can. Trust me it doesn't last long.

We all jumped on the Monorail to get to the park. Did you know the park also offers a free ferry ride from the parking lot.
Well free is relative since we did pay to park in the lot and bought tickets to get in.

Boy, Disney spent big bucks on revamping the princess palace and they are not finished. The have plans for each princess to have their own area. And yes Serena K. Mulan is a real princess no matter what you think. Her picture was shown with the other princesses. Hey your grandchild was represented before mine. Ok you campers do not call Serena. Her kids are not preggers yet. Just saying!!
That Dumbo ride is crazy. When you get in line they give you a color tag. While you wait for your color to be call they put you in a room with a 100 other kids and parents. The have activities such a climbing, running etc. Think Chuck E Cheese. Trust me it is just that loud. This is suppose to keep the kids active until their time to ride Dumbo. Now, mind you the ride is 3 minutes. The room takes anywhere from 10-45 before your color is called. My recommendation. Take 2 aspirins before getting in line.

It started to rain. It really came down. It was warm rain. The park has a circus theme area with animals sprouting water. Lani Girl took advantage of this and got thoroughly drenched. She had the best time. Oh, to be a kid again. Trust me if I had done that, they would have called the people in the white coats.

As everyone knows you can not go to  Disneyland or Disney World and not see a Small World. It is just not done. So we made the trek. Now,all I can hear is " Its a world of laughter.......It's a small world after all". Really?? Is that why everyone is wearing white at the end. I really hope it means we will strive for peace to all.

At the end of along day it was good to see an old favorite. It was the Disney Electric Parade from Cally. We barely made it to the car when the rains came down in a thunder / lightning storm. It is still raging.


Well campers until next time.

Lo & Bren

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  1. I've always thought that the end of the Small World ride was when we all got to heaven.

    Nobody had better be singing that song there, though.