Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hot times in OK to Rainy days FL

Hey there Campers-

June 13 -We got back on the road after spending several days with our family the Shepherds. It was a little hard to leave them but we know we will see them soon. Rex and Norma are looking forward to their new job and missing all of us. Sarah took us shopping. That woman is a wonder. Nick is not in the picture as he had to be at work. Luckily Patrick was still there.Thanks Pat for all the tips on historical sites for the east coast. Luke is taller than me. It must be that OK hot weather that makes him grow. Or, I am just short. Hmmmmm. I wonder which one?????? Eli as usual was talking up a storm. You go Eli. We got a chance to see meet Sarah's mom Becky and her fiance Mike. Thanks for your hospitality.
We traveled on to see Lorenzo's dad in Hartshorn, OK. Talk about hot weather. My stars!!!
It was the first time dad saw the great grand kids. It was treat for all. As you can see Baby E was only in a diaper because of the heat. Lani Girl was being shy.

Dad has more shoes and suits than some movie stars. You got to look good when you are a baptist preacher. He is still going strong at 86 years old.

We drove to Paris, TX to our favorite RV hotel for the night. 

June 14 - Left beautiful Paris and headed to FL. It was beautiful and serene as we were passing through small town America. It was different to see everything so green and very little traffic. We on the west coast have a nail spa, sushi bar or liquor store on every block. Well, the Midwest has their churches. OMG. There was one on every corner. I mean literally. And they were not small. The church below is in a town of 5,000 people. Hello. What is the west coast missing??????  Can you spell G-O-D??
We traveled on though Louisiana. Boy, did that bring back memories. When we pass through Natchitoches, LA I got a pain in my colon. This is where I got sick 2 years ago and had to go to the hospital when I got back to Cally. Luckily, I didn't have to call Dr. Nathan for a prescription this time. Whew!!
We drove on thorough Mississippi and cross the Mighty Mississippi River. One of the classes Sharelle will teach this year is History. So she and I were totally enjoying the sites.

We drove on to Mobile. AL. It is city that has really grown since we last saw it in 1980. It was a hick town back in the day. The gulf does seem to be prospering since BP pumped money in the area. We saw the USS Alabama in the harbor.

As we inched our way out of the Mobile tunnel we sat on the causeway for an hour. There was an accident we could not see ahead. Cally does do some thing right. We have signs letting you know about the traffic. We finally saw a sign.  At the sight of the accident.

We finally got into Florida a little later than we planned but all was well. Since this is a military town it was cool to see the designs on the freeway girders. We spent the night in our RV hotel in Pensacola. 

June 15 - We left Pensacola and headed to Orlando. Ya know. Some times you just got to smack the GPS. We were trying to get on I-10. I can see the freeway on the ramp below and the GPS said to keep going ahead. Sooooo. I follow the GPS. After we took the "scenic view" we finally saw the freeway again and got on it. As my friend Barry V would say "there is a children's story in this".

The weather was cooler than we have had all week. God be Praised. As I was driving, I looked in the sky and saw the sun hiding behind the clouds. I immediately thought about how it would look when Christ returns. What a way to start a Sabbath morning. Even though it stormed later in the day as we arrived in Orlando we knew God was still taking care of us.

Until next time campers!!

Lo & Bren  (with Alex, Sharelle, Kaylani & Ellyana)

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  1. You know, wasn't there a movie where they changed the guy's navigation system & tricked him into going somewhere awful?

    When we were in Italy, we followed the GPS' instructions ... and concluded that they have no clue. Awful advice, really.

    Glad you're there!