Monday, June 17, 2013

Animals in the Kingdom

Hey there Campers;

June 17 - We start our day at Disney's Animal Kingdom with clear skies. Alex's brother, Milton, wife Cecil and kids met up with us for a fun family day. We ran to the Africa Safari ride as our first adventure for the day. We wanted to be sure the animals would be out. I was kind of cool to jump in the jeep and have a guide explain about the animals, how they live and survive.


Did you know that termites build clay homes as tall as giraffes? Amazing. These little buggers love eating wood. Trust me you don't want to invite them home for dinner. You may wake up homeless.

Can you imagine being preggers for 22 months? Well, that is how long  an elephant can go. Hmmm... Birthing 500 lbs. of calf. Can't say I envy them. Maybe that is why they have good memories. Too much time on their hands.

Did you know hippos can stay underwater for 8-9 mins at a time? Why you ask. Because they really have dry skin moisturizing. I must have some hippo in me. I love my feet to stay moist.

The Lions were kicking back and chillin. I know those Gazelles were glad they are in Disney's Animal Kingdom so they don't have to run for their lives.  No eating each other in Mickey's house.

What animal has a butt like a human? Check out the Gorilla. I don't care what evolution says. They are not my kin. Some of my folk may act like time some times. But they are still not my kin.

Giraffe have the most graceful necks. They just have to deal with those brown aging spots!!

There was a great bird show called Flights of Wonder. For you bird lovers you could spend the whole day in this area. So many birds so little time.

We went to see a Bug's Life. There is Elly Girl getting a free ride from her mom Sharelle.

Disney on Parade

OK.  Is it me or are those rats, sorry I mean chipmunks following us to each park???

Disney knows how to put on shows. We saw the Finding Nemo musical.

But the Festival of the Lion King Musical is the absolute best. It is worth every penny of the parks cost. It is a small version of the stage play. This is my second time seeing it and I still love it.


If you come to Disney World, the Animal Kingdom is a must see.

I felt like one of the people on Wild Kratts today. So you are thinking what the heck??? Who are the Wild Kratts? Well if you don't know check out the PBS station for more info. OR ask your kids. My granddaughter Lani Girl has me hooked on it.

Well campers until next time.

Lo & Bren

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  1. Oh, WOW - I know they have those termite things there for display purposes, but I wouldn't even want them in the country. What if they decide to leave the mounds???

    The Lion King looks great! And, I'm sure every show you saw had ample AC! Good call on all the indoor stuff!!