Thursday, July 11, 2013

Up Pops Maryland

Hey there Campers:

June 10-11. Well, we finally left the big city for rural America again. We decided not to take the New Jersey turnpike since it is a toll road. There is not much to see on the freeway.  We are on our way to Branson,Missouri. We have tried to go there on other trips but time was a factor. We went through NJ, MD,VA, PA,WV all today. The state of Maryland kept popping up through out the day. We finally spent the night at our regular hotel (Walmart) in Carlise, PA. 

We got up and started our drive. We saw many types of churches. It seems every little town had a Methodist church. We only saw 2 Adventist ones. I guess we need to get more on our job recruiting.

We traveled on Highway 50.  The countryside is really beautiful. It is full of rolling hills and bridges.

As we were traveling we saw several old covered bridges. Most don't seem to be in very good condition. But every thing can not be like the "Bridges of Madison County".

OK, call me crazy, but why did every sign post have 2 signs inches from each other saying the same thing??? Seems like this West Virginia got some federal money and did not know what to do with it!! Hello, help those who really need it.

We found our hotel for the night and pulled in.(The Walmart in Parkersburg, WV.)

Well campers until the next time.

Lorenzo & Bren

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  1. Man, beautiful and green... and SO HUMID. Well, I guess you take the good, you take the bad in that part of the world. And you take the no see 'ums, too.