Thursday, June 20, 2013

Good Bye Mickey

Hey there Campers;

June 18- 20 - Well, I hope all is well with you. We have spent the last 5 days in Disney World. To say the least I am tapped on the mouse for a while.On  Tuesday /Wed we went to Hollywood Studios and had a great time. I actually like the shows.This theme park is all about the Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies. They also had a whole show and museum on Walt Disney: One Man's Dream. It as about how he started with a mouse named Mortimer. Disney's wife Lillian thought the name was too pretentious. So she suggested that the name Mickey. Walt and his wife were on their way from NY by train. Disney had plenty time to think. By the time they arrived in Los Angeles Mickey Mouse was born.

Did you know that Walt Disney failed at many things before finally having a hit with the movie Fantasia. That movie help him to build Disney studios. He never looked at failure as a option. That is something we all could apply to our lives.

There was this cool ride called - The Great Movie Ride. For you black and white movie, musical, and sci-fi lovers you would have thought you died and went to heaven. The ride was based on our old favorites, i.e

 Casablanca, Singing in the Rain, John Wayne, James Cagney and more. Yep that was the good old days before Vampires, blood and guts, etc. Oh for some of those old movies again. No need to worry. That's why there is Netflix and Amazon.

Have you ever wonder what your toys are doing while you are asleep. Well look no further than Toy Story. Like Disneyland there is Toy Mania ride. This is a game where you are in a toy shooting for a high score. (Remember those old carnival shooting.) Same premises. This was such fun that we had to ride it twice. Now, please explain to me that I was more accurate in my shooting but Lo got more points than me??? Huh?? I hit big targets too....

We decided to go back to Epcot to see the evening show. Have you ever been inside the big ball at Epcot. We hadn't done it in all the times we went DW because the lines were always long so we tried. If you really like history, it is really great except for the first 2 mins. They start with the "Big Bang" theory. Can they not read the bible? From there it takes you to the present time. Very interesting. Epco puts on a evening show about the world and how we are part it whether we like it or now. I always like how they bring out the world in the middle of the lagoon and show pictures of how connected the world is. The show ends in beautiful fireworks.

On Thursday, we had breakfast with Alex's brother and family. Both families are returning to Cally soon. If you have not tried the Cracker Barrel please drive do not walk to a restaurant soon. I am so sorry they are not in Cally. You get the greatest bang for your buck there. I know I said this before, but they are that good.

We decided to head back to the Animal Kingdom for one last day. Talk about Poppy love.

Lani Girl wanted to have a ride with Poppy. So Lo got in the dinosaur with her.

Sharelle had a high school friend and her family living in Tampa come for the day to hang with us. Since Lani Girl had kids her age she really had a good time. We hit all of the conservation areas.I learned a lot about conversation. I so appreciated the time an effort DW has put in the animal world. They had a booklet for kids to find plant life, animal facts,etc. The kids moved from station to station all over the park to earn badge's for their booklets. All of the DW cast members spoke with the kids like they were real people.I know they get paid but by the end of the day these cast members still cared. I guess that is why they got hired.

Now wouldn't you know it. It started to storm just as we were trying to leave. In Florida, there is no such thing as wait until it stops. Ya just have to wait for it to slow down and run like you have the devil on your tail to reach your car. I am so glad that I spent the last month on the treadmill at level 4.5 to be able to power walk through the rain. Still got trenched.

Well Campers until next time

Lo & Bren

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  1. The conservation areas are cool - I love to see families play, but there's such a brain suck that happens to kids during summer vacation that they NEED stuff like this to remind them to stay engaged and look and think. Good practice for adults, too.

    Ooh, that hot rain. We had some here - the humidity was kind of nasty!